Thursday, March 02, 2006

Brave Comment on the Blog

We have just received a comment on our blog, from "Anonymous":
That's rich, a blog about quality in translation operated by a Lionbridge employee. Lionbridge is a fraudulent company that doesn't pay its translators.

To which I have a few things to say:

  1. This blog is completely independent from Lionbridge; it was set up to complement our web site with an area where we could discuss issues related to translation in a more dynamic way than on the main web site (where we make available more information about our work on translation quality, such as our presentations and articles).
  2. Franco is indeed a Lionbridge employee. I am not: I have my own small translation company, and we provide our services to several larger translation companies. Among the services we provide on request is translation quality assessment services, including helping other companies improving their translation quality systems.
  3. This information is clearly available both on the "Profiles" section of this blog and on our main web site.
  4. I suggest that if "Anonymous" has a complaint against Lionbirdge, he should contact Lionbridge directly, and, if not satisfied, take the appropriate legal steps. On the other hand, this blog is not an appropriate venue for such complaints.
  5. While Franco and I are clearly named in our blog, "Anonymous" has not the courage of signing his message. That, to me, says all there is to say about the merit of his complaint.

Any further anonymous abusive messages will be deleted from this blog without comment.


Franco Zearo said...

A blog space is a "free speech" zone. If one wants to use this space to vent one's frustration, so be it. Unfortunately, it is hardly a useful contribution to the theme of this blog.

Anyway, Riccardo and I have purposely decided to make our profiles public, including the names of the companies we work for. We have nothing to hide, nor any hidden agenda. Translation is our passion, and we both enjoy our line of work.

In the interest of full disclosure, I would like to state for the record that this forum is not sponsored by either company. We contribute to this blog in our free time. People can judge for themselves.

Because the company I work for is a public company, it is not appropriate for me to respond in this public forum. As suggested by Riccardo, for business-related topics, please contact me at my place of business, and I'll be glad to provide all the assistance I can.



Stu Savory said...

So when are you going to explain the TQI to us? It's been a month since you dropped the teaser.

Riccardo said...

"Real soon now": the draft of our article is due in a few days, we'll then post parts of it here (in the meantime, you can also read about the TQI in our previous presentations at

Anonymous said...

brao, cussi si diis...scusa l'intromissione ma è l'unico modo che ho per comunicare conte anche se non riguarda translation..cemuut la vite farfalon? fasiti

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Why so passionately defending Lionbridge if you don't work for/with them?

Riccardo said...

Hi Anonymous:

1) Why not sign with your own name? Are you the same anonymous that started this with his/her comment?
2) No "Passionately defending", but rather setting the record straight against a rather cowardly (anonymous) attach.

Anonymous said...

Yes I'm scared :(, you might pop out of the screen and punch me :(

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