Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Version of QA Distiller

Last month Yamagata Europe released a new version of QA Distiller, a translation QA tool.

New features
  • Automatic software updates
  • Batch processing from command line
  • Full results log file
  • Match rate displayed in error list
  • Checks for hard spaces
  • Support for TMX user fields
  • Support for TBX term status
  • Improved regular expression syntax
  • Better font handling in TTX files
  • Improved stability TMX editor


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Translation Agency said...

Is this better than Trados Tag Editor??

Riccardo said...

I've not used QA distiller myself (I use another tool for QA - XBench), but I would say the most important difference is that TagEditor is a translation tool, while QA Distiller is a QA tool. Therefore there are (I beleve) more QA features in QA distiller than in TagEditor.

Translation Agency said...

I See.. So We can try it out for better consistency?

Anonymous said...


There are new tools for QA all the time.

Software changes constantly.

We are always writing posts about software and we would be pleased to have your comments.

Best regards,


sherkalim18003 said...

QA DIstiller is a good and contain many quailites we can check our HD space and many more on computer,

nazia said...

thanks to share the information about the QA distiller. i was really looking for this and i hope that you will keep it up and will share more infomration as like this

Anonymous said...

Agree with the comments about TagEditor. Although TagEditor in general is a pain to use. But Trados Studio, in its new version, does almost everything. Sometimes I do wonder, though, just how much translation software is out there? And who really uses it?

Anonymous said...

Is this better than Tag Editor?????????
I study in detail but I didn't found any difference.

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Riccardo said...

Little to do with Tag Editor: Tag Editor is a tool for translation, it includes some QA future, but its main purpose is to translate. QA distiller, AFAIK, is exclusively a QA tool.

nelson peltz said...

I study in detail but I didn't found any difference.

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Anonymous said...

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