Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Quality Doesn't Matter (as a differentiator)?

I didn't go to the ATA conference in San Francisco, so I missed Renato Beninatto's presentation "Quality Still Doesn't Matter".

I recommend reading the presentation (although of course it can only contain the gist of what the actual presentation was like): behind the provocative title, I think it has interesting things to say.


Anonymous said...


Excellent post! I'm afraid some people are not concerned about the quality of translation when they are too pressed by time, but professional translators are certainly a must these days.

We have also discussed the cons of poor translations in this blog:

Happy New Year!


Translation Agency said...

Now a days deadlines are very tight and all the freelancers rushing to finish the jobs. That is the reason that the quality is not flawless. reasonable deadline should be given to get the flawless work.

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Yimey said...

Of course quality in translation is crucial for every translation. The translator should take his or her job so seriously and feel “morally” obliged to deliver the highest quality possible but he or she might as well bear legal obligations toward his employer. Especially regarding technical texts such as legal translation , quality can be crucial as shows the case of Tam Yuk-ha who could have been considered guilty according to the English law but who could have been innocent under the law in Chinese (see South China Morning Post on 31st October, 1996).

Karl said...

I agree strongly! Cant count anymore the amount of really bad German translations. when do they finally start thinking about hiring a qualified translator?

Korean Translation said...

I greatly appreciate sharing this information on your site. I'm a professional translator specialized in Korean translation. There simply are countless number of translation agencies and translators available in my profession. We should not take the presentation at its face value and think that quality doesn't matter anymore. It does. It is just getting so much prevalent than before where it is no longer a sole factor differentiating yourself from others. If we want to thrive, we should come up with something new.

Anonymous said...

Quality is reputation for any translators

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